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Warranty Terms & Conditions


Qualified personnel must carry out the Maintenance procedures listed. Failure to carry out such procedures will invalidate any claim.

After Use

Clean the jack down; remove any foreign objects from within the frame, rams and workings. Ensure to remove any water, moisture or other liquid from on or inside any of the components. Lubricate moving parts if required. (For commercial pit jacks ensure ram pistons are fully extended after use to allow staff to remove water/moisture and debris from the pistons, taking particular attention to cleaning the threads. Ensure pistons are oiled before lowering them).



Make sure unit is cleaned down thoroughly, remove any foreign objects including water/ moisture from inside the frame and workings, and lubricate all moving parts as required. Check for any mechanical defects, should any be found contact Scope Engineers Ltd. Check mounting of unit on ramp or pit rails, ensure correct fitment and adjust as required. Check oil level, if low, top up the tank using specified oil.


24 Monthly Service and Inspection

After 24 months a full service and inspection must be carried out by an authorised hydraulic service agent or by Scope Engineers Ltd. (chargeable). This service, if not carried out by Scope Engineers must be recorded and kept as proof. If this service is not carried out the warranty claim will be deemed as void.


What do we cover?

We cover all faults related to bad workmanship and faulty materials.


What we do not cover?

Seals, wear and tear, damage, water damage/corrosion, improper use, neglect, and any product which has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Scope Engineers Ltd. or its authorised agents.



Any claim should be notified to Scope Engineers Ltd., by telephone, fax or email, stating the nature of the claim. Scope Engineers will then take appropriate action to remedy the claim.


Scope Engineers Ltd. does not do on-site repairs or warranty claims, any unit will have to be returned to Scope Engineers Ltd., or to an authorised service agent for the appropriate repairs. If a claim is found to be void, carriage and loan products will be chargeable along with any repair work.





Please note, if the Warranty registration form is not filled in and returned to Scope Engineers Ltd Within 2 months of receiving the product the warranty will become void.